Smith Strong Customs was initially started to help the Law Enforcement community.  We slowly built a strong following and a name for excellent quality and customer service.  This has allowed us to grow into a company specializing in custom built AR platform rifles not only for Law Enforcement, but for hunting, competition, home defense, and/or the weekend range warrior.

Whatever caliber you need, whatever configuration you want, our goal is to build the rifle that you've always wanted.  We use only top tier manufacturers for our parts - SanTan, CMC, Ballistic Advantage barrels, Faxon barrels, Rosco barrels, etc.

Let us help you customize your next rifle!


We have two new lines of rifles coming very soon.  One for tactical applications, the other for the hunters who do not need all the bells, whistles and gadgets....

LAND'S DEFENSE (tactical) and WILD BORE ARMS (hunting)